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The Home of Benson Antique Fairs

Benson Antique Fairs are held on the 3rd Sunday of every month!


Hello! I’m Joy O’Meara, founder of Jay Fairs. I have been running antique fairs for over 40 years which have proven to be extremely popular and have attracted a large following over the years.

Benson has been the home of JayFairs for many years and is the place to find a true bargain. We are open every 3rd Sunday of the month and it is advisable to get here early!

Benson Parish Hall OX10 6LZ




3rd SUNDAY Of Every Month

9 AM – 4 PM (TRADE 8 AM)

20th October 2019 |17th November 2019 |15th December 2019 |

Dates for 2020

19th January 2020 | 16th February 2020 |  15th March 2020 |

19th April 2020 | 17th May 2020 |  21st June 2020 |

 19th July 2020 | 16th August 2020 | 20th September 2020 |

18th October 2020 |15th November 2020 |  20th December 2020


I am Joy O’Meara and I’m the founder of Jay Fairs. I have been an established dealer for nearly 40 years.

I am passionate about antiques and have spent a lifetime learning and appreciating them. I am particularly fascinated by Militaria, Victoria Jewellery, Vintage Watches, Fountain Pens and Oriental Items.

If you have any interesting items to sell click here and it will take you to my personal website. I hope to see you very soon at Benson!